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Краткосрочная дистанционная программа  «За страницами учебника английского языка»
Тема 1: "Family Life & Friends"
1.      What are the members of your family?
2.      What do your parents do? Do they like their job?
3.      Do you live in a house or in a flat?
4.      Does your family have a car? Who usually drives it?
5.      Are all families happy?
6.      How do children feel when their parents divorce?
7.      How many children should a family have?
8.      Would you like to have many brothers and sisters? Why/why not?
9.      Do you have a brother or a sister?
10.    Do you go to the same school as your brother / sister?
11.    How do you get on with your siblings?
12.    Do you often argue (quarrel / fall out) with your siblings? Why?
13.    How do react if your sister / brother takes your personal things?
14.    Do you share a room with your sister (brother)? How do you like it?
15.    Do you have your own room? What do you have in it?
16.    Would you like to have a younger brother (sister) or an elder brother (sister)? Why?
17.    Are you an only child?
18.    Is it really good to be an only child? Why?
19.    Do you have household chores?
20.    How do members of your family share your household chores?
21.    Do you have any family traditions?
22.    How do you spend evenings?
23.    Do you travel together? Why / why not?
24.    Do you have many relatives? Do you visit them?
25.    Do your grandparents live with you?  Are you on good terms?
26.    Do members of your family have the same hobbies and interests? Which ones?
27.    Do you agree that all grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren should live together?
28.    Are you going to live with your parents when you get married? Why / why not?
29.    What is friendship?
30.    Why is in important to have friends?
31.    Are you sociable?
32.    Have you got many friends?
33.    How many close friends have you got?
34.    Are you of the same age? Who is older / younger?
35.    Does age matter for friends?
36.    Are you in the same school?
37.    Are you classmates?
38.    Can you describe your best friend?
39.    Do you have the same hobbies and interests?
Тема 2: "Appearance and Looks"

1.         How old is he / she?
2.         Is he / she tall or short?
3.         Does he / she have a pretty face?
4.         Can you describe his / her appearance?
5.         Does he / she wear spectacles?
6.         Is he / she always dressed well?
7.         Does he / she follow the fashion?
Тема 3: "Occupations and Hobbies"

1.         What is your hobby?
2.         Who has the same hobby in your family?
3.         What do the members of your family think about your hobby?
4.         Do you collect anything?
5.         Is your collection thematic?
6.         Are you proud of your collection?
7.         How does your hobby help you?
8.         How do you usually spend evenings?
9.          How do you usually spend weekends?
10.       Why is watching TV the most popular pastime?
11.       Do you often read for pleasure?
12.       Do you hang about with your friends?
13.       What places in your city do you like to visit and why?
14.       Do you know any unusual hobbies?
15.       Is it really important to have a hobby? Why?
Тема 4: "Purchases and Pocket Money"

1.                What does shopping mean?
2.                When does your family go shopping?
3.                Do you like shopping? Why / why not?
4.                Do you usually go shopping alone or with your parents / friends?
5.                Who buys food in your family?
6.                What food departments do you know?
7.                What is a supermarket?
8.                What supermarkets are there in your city?
9.                Why is it convenient to do the shopping in the supermarket?
10.              Do you enjoy buying clothes or things for yourself?
11.              Do you like to buy presents and souvenirs?
12.              What do you think of on-line shopping?
13.              What is your opinion about street markets?
14.              Have you ever been to an auction?
15.              Do you look at the prices when you go shopping?
16.              Are you a shopaholic?
17.              What is the best day of the week for shopping? Why?
18.              How much pocket money do you usually get?
19.              Who gives you pocket money?
20.              How do you spend it? What do you buy?
21.              Is it good to save money to buy something expensive you need?
22.              Do your parents pay you for the household chores?
23.              Do you earn your allowance? What do you do?
24.              Is part-time job common for teens in your country?
Тема 5: "Emailing, texting and chatting"

1.         Why do people write letters?
2.         Was letter writing common for your parents and grandparents in the pas?
3.         Have you ever written a letter?
4.         How do you keep in touch with your friends or relatives?
5.         How often do you check your e-mail?
6.         How many letters a day do you get?
7.         Do you write back soon?
8.         Why are e-letters so popular nowadays?
9.         Will they replace traditional letters some day?
Тема 6: "School Life and Holidays"

1.         Is your school big or small?
2.         How old is it?
3.         What type of school is it: a comprehensive school, a gymnasium or a lyceum?
4.         What are your classrooms like?
5.         Are they well equipped?
6.         Is there a gym in your school? Is it up-to-date?
7.         Do you have any special labs?
8.         Do you have lunch in the school canteen? Do you like the food here?
9.         Are there any clubs in your school?
10.       Do you attend any of them?
11.       Are there any traditions in your school?
12.       What are your teachers like?
13.       What qualities a good teacher should have?
14.       How many students are there in your class?
15.       How many students do you think there should be in a class?
16.       Do you remember your first school days?
17.       Do you remember your first teacher?
18.       Do you think children go to school with pleasure? Why?
19.       What school subjects do you like best / least? Why?
20.       What foreign languages do you study at school?
21.       What languages do you think must be taught at school?
22.       How many foreign languages should every person know after finishing school?
23.       Would you like to be a teacher? Why / why not?
24.       Will you visit your school teachers when you are a university student?
25.       Will you bring your children to this school? Why / why not?
Тема 7: "Choosing a Profession"

1.         What opportunities do school-leavers have after finishing school?
2.         Is it easy to choose a future career? Why? / Why not?
3.         What did you want to be in your childhood?
4.         Have you made up your mind about the future occupation?
5.         What would you like your future profession to be connected with?
6.         What school subjects are you good at?
7.         When do you think it is time to start thinking about your future career?
8.         What do your parents think about your future career?
9.         Do you usually follow your parents” advice? Why? / Why not?
10.       Who can help you to make your decision?
11.       Do you want to follow in your parents’ footsteps?
12.       What problems do young people face nowadays after finishing the 9th form / after graduating from school?
13.       Do you study hard to pass your exams?
14.       What are compulsory exams in the 9th form / in the 11th form?
15.       Have you chosen the subjects you will take exams in?
16.       Do you agree that sometimes people can be disappointed in the profession?
17.       What are the choices for such people?
18.       Can a hobby help you to choose your profession?
19.       Is it important to choose the future profession only by your interest? Why?
20.       What professions are the most prestigious today?
21.       What professions would you never choose? Why?
Тема 8: "Russian Traditions"    
1.     Why are traditions very important for Russia?
2.     Can you describe a traditional Russian costume?
3.     What souvenirs are traditionally bought in Russia?
4.     What crafts is Russia famous for? (Wooden boxes of Palekh, toys from Dymkovo, wooden tableware from Khokhloma and Zhostovo,  shawls from Pavlovo-Posad)
5.     What are traditional Russian dishes?
6.     How do Russian people drink tea?
7.     What Russian songs and dances do you know? When are they performed?
8.     What characters of Russian fairy-tales do you know? Why are they loved by children?
9.     Why should Russian people preserve their traditions?
Тема 9: "Travelling and Sightseeing"

1.      What is the capital of the UK?
2.      Who founded London on the river Thames? What was its name?
3.      Did the Romans build many roads and bridges?
4.      How did London Bridge look like?
5.      When was the Great Fire of London?
6.      How many people live in London today?
7.      What is London’s financial and business centre?
8.      What sights are in the City?
9.      When was the Tower of London built?
10.     What do you know about its history?
11.     What birds live in the Tower of London?
12.     What other sights of London do you know? (Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus,
13.     St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, Westminster Abbey)
14.     Who lives at 10 Downing Street?
15.     What is the official residence of the Queen in London?
16.     What London museums can you name? What are they famous for? (the British Museum, Madam Tussauds Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum, the Natural History museum, the Science Museum, the Museum of British Transport, Victoria and Albert Museum)
17.     What picture galleries of London do you know? (The national Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Gallery)
18.     What are the most famous London parks? ( Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Green Park, Regent’s Park, St. James’s Park)
19.     What park is famous for its “Speakers’ Corner?
20.     Where is London Zoo situated?
21.     Is London famous for its theatres? (Covent Garden, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre)
22.     Is London a famous shopping centre?
23.     What is Harrods?
24.     What is Oxford Street like?
Тема 10: "Famous People"

1.            What celebrities of English-speaking countries do you know?
2.            Writers and poets (Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Joanne Rowling, William Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ernest Hemingway…)
3.            Scientists (Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton …)
4.            Politicians (Barak Obama, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Margaret Thatcher …)
5.            Kings and Queens (Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria, Princess Diana …)
6.            Sportsmen (David Beckham, Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis, Mohamed Ali …)
7.            Actors (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Connery,
8.            Musicians (the Beatles, Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga, Andrew Lloyd Weber, …)
9.            Painters ( Thomas Gainsborough, Joseph Turner)
10.          What are they famous for?
Тема 11: "Travelling"

1.      Why is travelling so popular nowadays?
2.      Do you spend your holidays travelling?
3.      What towns and countries have you already visited?
4.      Do you prefer to swim in the sea, river or lake? Why?
5.      What do you think of spending holidays in the country / in the village?
6.      How do you feel when your holidays are over?
7.      Would you like to spend your holidays cruising in the Mediterranean? Why?
8.      Do you prefer travelling in winter or in summer?
9.      What is better: to spend your holidays with your family or with your friends?
10.     Have you ever been camping? If so? Where?
11.     What do you think of camping?
12.     Do you and your family prefer package tours/ Why?
13.     Do you read books during your holidays?
14.     Do you meet any English-speaking people during your holidays?
15.     Do you practice English while you are travelling?
16.     What do you think about spending your holidays learning languages?
17.     What do you think of working during your holidays?
18.     Are holidays long or short for you?
19.     How long should holidays be?
Тема 12:  "Technological Progress"

1.      Have you got a computer? Is it a laptop, a netbook or a tablet?
2.      How do you use your computer?
3.      What advantages and disadvantages of using the computer can you name?
4.      What ways of communication do you personally use?
5.      Are you a “digital native”
6.      Are your parents and grandparents “digital natives” or “digital immigrants”? Why?
7.      What is your opinion about social media sites?
8.      Do you have a profile on any of the social media sites?
9.      Why do you use these sites?
10.    Do you use Internet chats or forums?
11.    Have you ever met any people from chats and forums in real life?
12.    Do you think it might be dangerous to meet people from chats and forums in real life? Why?
13.    Have you got pen-friends? Where are they from?
14.    What do you think about pen-friendship in general?
15.    Would you like to have pen-friends from all over the world? Why / why not?
16.    Why is it important to have pen- friends?
Тема 13: "Global Problems"

1.      Why do people explore space?
2.      Do you know the names of Soviet and Russian cosmonauts?
3.      What do they do in the outer space?
4.      Is this job challenging? Is it dangerous? Why?
5.      When is Cosmonautics’ Day?
6.      Would you like to work in space industry? Why / why not?
7.      What must a young man do to become a cosmonaut?
8.      Is space tourism going to be popular in the near future?
9.      Are there any places on our planet we still need to explore?
10.    Why do people explore new lands?
11.    What mineral resources do they find there?
12.    What do they build?
13.    Are you going to take part in exploration of new lands? Why / why not?
14.    Why is the problem of unemployment paid much attention to?
15.    How do people feel when they lose their job?
16.    How can government help such people?
17.    Do charity organizations help the unemployed and the homeless?
18.    Have you ever given money to charity?
19.    Are there any war conflicts in the world nowadays?
20.    Why do they begin?
21.    How do all progressive people protest against them?
22.    Have you ever taken part in meetings for peace?
23.    Why do people want to live in peace?
24.    Is terrorism becoming a global problem?
25.    Where can you find the information about terrorism?
26.    What do terrorists do?
27.    How do all progressive people protest against terrorism?
28.    Do you discuss the problem of terrorism at the lessons in your school?
29.    What do you and your friends think about terrorism?
Тема 14: "Mass Media"

1.      What do mass media include?
2.      What is the most popular type of mass media today?
3.      Why do mass media play an extremely important role in our life?
4.      What are printed types of mass media?
5.      Is your family subscribed to a newspaper or a magazine? Why?/Why not?
6.      Do you ever read newspapers and magazines? Which ones?
7.      What articles do you prefer?
8.      Where can people usually listen to the radio?
9.      What are your favourite radio stations?
10.    Why is radio less popular than TV?
11.    Do you watch television?
12.    What TV programmes do you and your family watch?
13.    Do you think it is possible to live without television?
14.    Do you often surf the Internet?
15.    What kind of information do you usually look for in the Internet?
16.    Can the Internet be dangerous? In what way?
17.    Do you have a profile on a social media site?
18.    Do you have your own blog? What is it about?
19.    What information do you share with your friends?
20.    Do you think that life is impossible without the Internet? Why?
21.    What are advantages and disadvantages of mass media?
Тема 15: "Health"

1.     What is a healthy way of life?
2.     How should people organize their working day?
3.     Do you agree with the proverb “Early to bed, early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise”?
4.     Why should people have regular meals?
5.     What food is good for our health?
6.     What is “Junk food”? Is it tasty? Is it healthy?
7.     Does sport help people to keep fit?
8.     How can people choose a kind of sport for health?
9.     What kind of sport do you go in for?
10.   Do you agree with the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?
11.   How often should people visit the doctor?
12.   Is visiting the dentist very important?
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